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Thought Process

Elementary School Student

In our Junior Series, our endeavour is to focus on Five Key Skill Set, as core value system, also guided by leading experts and education bodies, including NCF (2005), NEP 2020 etc.  The focus is on:

  • Physical wellbeing, health and motor development - gross and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, physical hygiene and stamina, are all important parameters we take into consideration. 

  • Cognitive Development - this includes general awareness with regard to one’s environment, encouraging development of observation skills & scientific aptitude, and development of numerical ability, logic & reasoning to aid mathematical aptitude.

  • Creative and Aesthetic Development - co scholastic/extended class activities such as music and art, dance and drama help the child to develop confidence and imagination, as well as self-expression.

  • Language, Communication and Literacy Development - effective provision for the development of these, needs careful planning across all areas of learning to ensure that children have opportunities to develop, apply and extend their skills of communication, speaking, listening, reading and writing through a variety of media.

  • Personal, social and emotional development - care is taken to ensure that a child’s values develop according to a set of well-founded principles and ethos. An intelligent child who is sensitive to not only people but also the environment – is a model citizen.

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